What do colanders accomplish?

Photo by G.dallorto

Yesterday my sister sent me a story about a man being allowed to wear a colander as a hat for his driver’s license photo. It’s not an isolated incident. I tend to enjoy stuff like this because I think the world could stand to be more fun and whimsical.

But I have to put on my buzzkill pants for a minute. Is the goal of this exercise to be silly? Is it to say “I’m an atheist”  in a public way?  Those don’t bother me.  But if the goal is to mock religious exemptions for what you wear in official photos, it seems petty.

Certainly there are plenty of examples of people claiming a right of religious exemption that aren’t reasonable. Like people refusing to do their job because they want to discriminate. But wearing something that doesn’t hide who you are doesn’t hurt anyone. It doesn’t interfere with the purpose of an ID.

I don’t really know if this was the goal. I haven’t seen any of these stories list a reason beyond membership in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. So I suspect it’s just whimsy. But it wouldn’t be the only valid criticism of the whole FSM thing. And even the funny bits of the FSM have gotten played out about as much as the “Atheists eating babies” jokes.

What do colanders accomplish?

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