An introduction

I write jokes. I write an awful lot of jokes actually. And I have good platforms for that on Twitter @geekysteven and on my website Carl Sagan’s Dance Party.

The purpose of this new blog is to have a venue for my serious writing. I’ve been a guest blogger on some of the bigger atheist blogs, but it’s time I had one of my own.

Here I’ll write about atheism, skepticism, feminism/social justice, as well as generally nerdy stuff.  I probably won’t put as much focus on atheism as I used to, but there is always something newsworthy relating to the intersection of religion and public life that’s worth exploring. But I wouldn’t expect this blog to fill the same niche as the Friendly Atheist or anything.

I’ll probably link to some of my comedy now and again.

I might allow comments. But I think they’re tedious outside of social media. So we’ll see.

That’s enough metaposting for now, you get the idea.

An introduction

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